LCA, TY & 2nd years Receive Talk on Racism in Sport

Sports Against Racism Ireland (SARI)

–         The talk took place on Wednesday the 9/11/11 from 10:20 until 12:40.

–         The audience that participated were the 2K class, the transition years and ourselves (LCA) in the Demonstration Room at Coláiste Mhuire.

–         The three speakers were Kenneth who is over SARI, and two young Italian speakers, Francesco and Pedro.  They are doing research on the sports choices of teenagers.

–         Kenneth was the chairman of SARI since all man of kind was originated there. Sport is a great way for bringing people together.

–         On a sports team you can have different religion, different coloured people different nationalities and this makes no difference where you’re playing.

–         He went on to talk about a Partheid in South Africa. By law black and whites were made to keep apart, they had a colour code sheet and a pencil through the hair test to see if they were black or white.

–         The students were then shown a DVD on how sports bring people together.

–         The students knew these famous people on DVD like Sonia O’ Sullivan, Padraig Harington, and Bernard Dunne etc; there was also a blind golfing woman and some people from Special Olympics for the intellectual disabilities.

What the students gained from the talk

–         The people regardless from their skin colour or religion they are all the same. A sport is a fantastic way to communicate and meet new people because they don’t ask you where you’re from, all they want are your abilities to kick the ball.

Was it a success?

–          Over all yes, the second years listened very well, they thanked us for organising it.

–         Two students said that we should bring down Mary Davis as she is the organiser of the Special Olympics.

–         It was interesting to know that the second years knew about Nelson Mandela but they didn’t know what apartheid was. The colour code was put up against your skin to tell if you were black, white, or a mixed race.

Difficulties the students experienced:

–         It was bad luck that the transition years had to leave yearly to go swimming. This kinda interrupted our concentration of the talk. Gregory and Tom had the power point and the computer switched on for the DVD. They had the air condition on so the class wouldn’t get to warm, they had don not disturb posters on the demonstration room, and they looked up alterative rooms to go to, and they found on the master timetable two rooms for Mr. Manton to go to.

–         Amy waited and greeted them at the receptionist as a hospitality person; she brought him to the staff room for 10 minutes brought up to the canteen and bought him a scone, then showed him to the demo room.

–         Ellen was the information officer, she put up posters, ask the second years and the transitions could they attend the talk, informed Mr. Cahill about the talk, she used the intercom to tell the second years and 4th year to go to the demo.

–         Ruth was our photographer; she took photos of the guests, and gave the information to Ellen.

–         Emma was the secretary, Emma made the phone contact with SARI, Emma wrote a letter of confirmation for the dates and times, a formal thank you letter and Emma typed up the account for the newsletter.

Rita was our researcher; she researched SARI, and wrote up an account of the talk.

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