Book List

Book Lists are decided upon by the class teachers in May for the following September.  They are subject to change.  There is a Book Rental Scheme in operation at Coláiste Mhuire.  Due to the high cost of school books and the rate of turnover of new editions, this is a cost effective way of ensuring that students have the necessary books for each subject at minimal cost.

It must be noted that All Books are the Property of the School and are covered & stamped with a unique number.  They are then assigned to individual students in September who are responsible for their safe keeping and maintenance throughout the school year.  Any books that are lost or damaged are the responsibility of the student, who will be subsequently fined for the replacement or repair.  Furthermore, if a student neglects his / her books by failing to secure them in their bag or locker, they may be confiscated by staff and the student may be sanctioned before their return.

For further information on Book Lists and the Book Rental Scheme, please contact the co-ordinator of this scheme Mr. Jim O’Grady via the School Office on 056-8831135.

(Note: Users will require Adobe Acrobat Reader to open the above .PDF files which is available to Download Free at )

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