Read the latest version of the Coláiste Mhuire Newsletter or browse through some of the earlier editions. Take a Trip Down “Memory Lane” or the “Recent Past” and enjoy a snapshot of the news & events of the day!

Much credit must go to Mr Patrick Comerford having taken over the baton from Ms Mary Sheehan who had been compiling & archiving such valuable resources over the years.  She really is an institution as many of those featured in the Newsletter will more than testify to!  Thanks to all the teachers & students who participate in & record all the activities, and to Mr John Dunne for running the website & Twitter feed.

All Newsletters have been converted to .PDF files for viewing online.  Therefore, you may need a recent version of Adobe Reader to open them.  Should you require this software, please click on this Adobe Reader link to access the official website and receive the Free download.

Coláiste Mhuire Summer 2019 Newsletter (PDF)

Coláiste Mhuire Easter 2019 Newsletter (PDF)

Coláiste Mhuire Christmas 2018 Newsletter (PDF)

Recent Past:

Coláiste Mhuire Christmas 2017 Newsletter (PDF)

Coláiste Mhuire Autumn 2017 Newsletter (PDF)

Coláiste Mhuire Summer 2017 Newsletter (PDF)

Coláiste Mhuire Summer 2016 Newsletter (PDF)

Coláiste Mhuire Newsletter Christmas 2015 (PDF)

Coláiste Mhuire Newsletter Autumn 2015 (PDF)

Coláiste Mhuire Newsletter Spring 2015 (PDF)

Coláiste Mhuire Newsletter Christmas 2014 (PDF)

Coláiste Mhuire Newsletter Autumn 2014 (PDF)

Coláiste Mhuire Newsletter Summer 2014 (PDF)

Coláiste Mhuire Newsletter Winter 2013 (PDF)

Coláiste Mhuire Newsletter Autumn 2013 (PDF)

Coláiste Mhuire Newsletter Summer 2013  (PDF)

Coláiste Mhuire Newsletter Spring 2013 (PDF)

Coláiste Mhuire Newsletter Winter 2012 (PDF)

Colaiste Mhuire Newsletter Autumn 2012 (PDF)

Coláiste Mhuire Newsletter Summer 2012 (PDF)

Colaiste Mhuire Newsletter Spring 2012 (PDF)

Coláiste Mhuire Newsletter Winter 2011 (PDF)

Coláiste Mhuire Newsletter Autumn 2011 (PDF)

Colaiste Mhuire Newsletter Spring 2011 (PDF)

Colaiste Mhuire Newsletter Winter 2010 (PDF)

Colaiste Mhuire Newsletter Spring 2010 (PDF)

Colaiste Mhuire Newsletter Winter 2009 (PDF)

Colaiste Mhuire Newsletter Summer 2009 (PDF)


Colaiste Mhuire Newsletter Summer 2001 (PDF)

Colaiste Mhuire Newsletter Autumn 2000 (PDF)

Colaiste Mhuire Newsletter Autumn 1999 (PDF)

More to Follow So Watch this Space!

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