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Reminder of Instructions For Printing in School

Monday, September 16th, 2019

Reminder of Instructions For Printing

Since our return for the start of this term towards the end August 2018 all staff have been following new arrangements for both Printing & Photocopying.  Our service provider for same are Lexmark, who won the tender for the Kilkenny-Carlow ETB.

Since the October mid-term,  our students have be using the same system, which involves entering a 6-digit PIN to release your document(s) from any of four printers dotted around the school.  Students have been assigned €5 in credit by School Management, which is the equivalent of over 500 pages of printed paper. 

Students are encouraged to print in an efficient manner to reduce both expense & waste which is helpful for both our school budget & the environment.  If students exceed their allowance they will have to purchase additional credits at a similar rate.

To retrieve their PIN, students need to Log In to the service provider’s website (PaperCut) by clicking on the following image or the link below:


Please Note:  If typing in the Link, please do so in the Address Bar of your browser NOT the Search Bar.

Students / staff must then Enter their unique Username & Password that they use on our School Network, which will bring them to their Printing Profile.  Their PIN can be revealed by clicking the SHOW / HIDE button on that page.

Since August 2019 and the introduction of Office 365, our New Student Usernames contain the Students’ Full Name followed by .CM & 2 digits representing the Year in which they started in Coláiste Mhuire.  For Example, a 1st year named Jane Doe would have the username JaneDoe.CM19 where as a 2nd year named Joe Bloggs would have the username JoeBloggs.CM18

Further information & instructions on Printing is available by clicking on the following document:


Should you have any questions or queries please contact the School Office on 056-8831135 and make an appointment to speak with a relevant member of our school’s Management Team or IT Department.

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